Madyna Clothing

Madyna Clothing was established to meet the demand for high-end, luxury abayas,designer thobes and jubbas. We offer a wide selection of modest clothing to fit all fashions. We can produce gorgeous designs and unbeatable quality with confidence.

Madyna: Excellence in Every Thread

Elegant Fusion

Madyna blends Arabian heritage with modern style, offering distinctive elegance for every occasion. Our designs are a testament to quality and sophisticated fashion.

Sustainable Elegance

Madyna champions eco-friendly and ethical fashion, delivering unique, sustainable pieces for a conscious lifestyle. Our commitment is to style with a purpose.

Accessible Luxury

Madyna makes luxury attainable, combining style with comfort and affordability. Our collection ensures elegance is accessible to everyone, redefining luxury fashion.


True to its word, a Thobe is a traditional garment worn by the Arabs but in this modern day and age it has become more of an Islamic fashion statement. Our Thobes and Jhubbas are scrutinised to the minutest detail and we have a wide range to offer for any type of occasion, smart wear, casual or for work. They have been carefully chosen and designed to meet the requirements of this day and age.

We use the best fabric and daring colours to appeal to all masses and uphold high quality & durability of all of our branded clothing. 

Shop for men’s thobes and jubbas now to stand out from the crowd and give yourself a touch and feel of the Modern Muslim Man !

Raahah Naturals

We are here to make a difference! To bring a change in your life from chemical packed to chemical free skin care and hair care products. Free from parabeans, petrochemicals , synthetic perfume and preservatives.


Buy Now to see the change!!


Salam sis! I just recieved my Haya Abaya and it is soooo beautiful! Length is perfect(im 5ft2) and quality is amazing too.Your prices are unbeatable & In Sha Allah I will order more soon. Keep it up

Salaams sis Just wanted to say thank you. As always I ended up leaving my outfits last minute and as always you came through! Amazing quality and so so happy I found your brand alhamdulilah.You're my go to for all things,abaya & modest.

Assalamu alaykum sis.I'm so sorry I forgot to message you to say that i recieved my order.It is so so much more pretty in real life,photos don't do it justice.I'm to wear it for a wedding tomorrow.excited
Thank you


Salam hun thank you so much!! I am absolutely in love! Top quality 10/10! Love,Love,Love! X

I've just tried it on & they fit perfect, its sooo beautiful
The material quality is soft + great for everyday wear.
Super pleased with the service.


I received my abayah that I ordered... MashaAllah it is stunning, Ilove it.
Thank you

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